Your Ultimate Hijab Style Guide

If you are a fan of modest fashion, then welcome to our comprehensive hijab style guide. Most of us stick to one scarf style thinking it would look great on us if it looks great on other women, but this is not always true as we all have different face shapes and skin tones, so it is important to know which hijab style is meant for you. Today we are going to tell you about different hijab styles that are the most commonly used. Let’s get started!

In this guide, we will:

  1. Understand the different face shapes
  2. Discover the hijab styles made for you
  3. Find the best color to pick based on your skin color

1. What are the different face shape?

To define your face shape tie your hair and look at yourself in the mirror.
You need to pay attention to your forehead, your jawline and your chin.

 (credit for face shape @totalbeauty)


2. What are the most common hijab styles/ How to wear your hijab? 

The Turban Hijab Style

 The turban hijab style looks really classy and stylish and you can show off your amazing style while still following modest fashion. The turban hijab style was originated from Africa as African women used to cover their head in turban to protect themselves from heat.  Some parts of Asia also have modified Turban Hijab style. This scarf style is good for women with round and square face shape. It is also ideal for women with a curved forehead and strong jawline.


There are also multiple styles in turban scarf style which are; a side knot, by just making a knot at the end on one side.  The sophisticated turban which looks simple and elegant can be made by making a simple turban, whereas the cross turban is to show off your trendsetting style. Silk, viscose and jersey are suitable fabric to make turban hijab style. 


Here are some inspirations on how to wear your hijab in different styles:



The Layered Hijab Style

Just like layering your clothes is fun, adding layers to your scarf is double the fun. A scarf style which features pleats and layers looks very luxurious and out class. This hijab style is for women with all face shapes with a perfect match for Oblong and Oval face shapes and works great with viscose and chiffon fabric. If you want to draw attention towards your face, then One-Sided Layered Hijab is for you. You can achieve this hijab look by folding it one side.

Another style in layered Hijab Style is called the Loose Layered Front. This look is easy to achieve as you can bring all layers at the front to draw attention towards your face.

This picture features our special Eya hijab style !


The Classic Hijab Style

The classic hijab style is loved by women all over the world as this style looks really flattering and alluring. You can wear this hijab literally everywhere. This scarf style is perfect for every woman as it suits on all face shapes. This hijab style can be made with jersey, chiffon, satin and viscose material.

One of the most recognizable and loveliest style in classic hijab style is the Daily Wrap. To achieve this scarf style, you can keep wrap the scarf like you normally would and in the end keep one side longer. Another elegant headscarf style is the Double Wrapper. Cover your head and wrap both edges of the scarf on your neck once or twice and keep both the edges at the front.

What is the best color combination you should pick based on your skin color?

Essential Color Guide

If you have chosen your scarf style but are still confused about the color of your scarf, then here is the color guide for you!

If you have a pale or fair skin tone, then you must choose dark tones like dark blue, navy blue, black, dark grey, dark brown or bottle green because these colors would work well with your skin tone. Don’t choose colors like light grey or light green for your headscarf.


 Having a medium skin tone would open doors to try lighter and bolder shades. You can try a light purple headscarf or a burgundy, dark purple one, will look great. Try to avoid yellow and green tones.




Women with darker skin tone, there is good news for you that pretty much every headscarf color will suit on you and you can experiment with your looks every day.